Teen Court Philosophy  

  TEEN COURT is based on individualized sanctions, community service projects, and the defendants' active participation throughout the process. TEEN COURT exists as a structure of accountability for first time juvenile offenders.

Ideally, these young people come to understand that living within the law or violating it, getting a good education or not, having a successful future or failing to find suitable employment, all depends on the decisions that they alone make.

Even though participation in TEEN COURT is totally voluntary, not every youth who applies, or every juvenile who is arrested, is automatically eligible to participate in this unique program. Therefore, it is regarded as a privilege to be selected either as a volunteer, or as a defendant for participation in the TEEN COURT Program.

Confidentiality, objectivity, respect for the rights of others, making a positive contribution to society, living within the law, acting responsibly and understanding the justice system are all fundamental TEEN COURT principles

Teen Court has moved to the old Municipal Court at 403  North Richardson  Street..Please come by and visit us at our new location ! "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got - Zig Zigler"                                                                       COPYRIGHT 2010 ROSWELL TEEN COURT INC.